May 112012

Earlier at work, Lee said to me, “How pissed would you be if Chooch woke up on Mother’s Day and said, ‘I wish we could have two Father’s Days instead’?”

“I would be so pissed!” I cried. “I’d pack a bag and leave, sleep in my car if I had to.”

Amber chimed in to tell Lee to stop being mean to me, and he defensively said, “I’m not being mean! Chooch just likes Henry better!”

I was already starting to bristle, but then Lee added, “It’s because Henry is a better roller skater” and then I almost died of boiling fury.

Henry, Henry, Henry!


In “I Have a Child” news, Chooch has been really been a literate whiz these last few months. His teacher has stopped to tell us multiple times about how much he’s advanced with reading this year and it definitely shows at home. He wants to read EVERYTHING. When Bill, Jessi and Tammy were here for his birthday weekend, they took him to the Pittsburgh Comicon and he came home with several comic books, which he has been devouring ever since.



I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me. He’s already more advanced than Henry!


  4 Responses to “Pre-Mother’s Day Conversation”

  1. I wish my kid loved to read. I keep buying her books in the hopes that it’ll maybe grow on her? No such luck.

  2. Dude! Graphic novels are the way to keep boys interested! There’s a website when you can search for books by subject and reading level. I used it when Nature Boy first started reading a lot. It’s Search in the advanced section.

    When it asks you for ATOS 2000 or ATOS Book Level, just enter whatever you think Chooch’s reading level is. Like, if he’s reading at a first grade level, type 1.0 to 1.5 or something. (1.0=first grade, zero month=beginning first grader and 1.5=first grade, fifth month=mid-first grade) We liked The Stupids books at that age.

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