Apr 072009

Wanted: Random photos in order to write my standard brand of dumb stories, recalling the glory days (day) of Blogathon 2007. If you have one, and would like to see what lame yarn I will weave about it, please leave it here on this entry or email it to me: butgavincantdance [at] gmail.com. I can’t promise anything good will come of it, but I suppose if you read this blog semi-regularly, you don’t really expect too much to begin with. Ha-ha-z0rz.

And now I am preparing to watch the Penguins game. I really wish I had  never gotten back into hockey.

  9 Responses to “audience participation (took me 5x to spell participation correctly. ok, 7x)”

  1. yes!!

  2. I sent you a picture of one of my creatures.I hope you got it.


  4. I’m going to find you the best one ever.

  5. Damn, i have a perfect pic for a story but it’s probably at my evil bitch of a mothers house!!

  6. So I was rooting around in the basement the other day pulling miscellaneous pictures out of my Dad and my friend, Sarah, for my facebook because let’s face it: I live on facebook these days. Anyway, I came across an old photo album that was my grandmother’s from back when she was a young lady (read: late teens/early 20s). Immediately I thought of you and this post. Since Grandma was born in the 1920s, these pictures are from the 40s. I also have some from when my parents were kids in the 50s. Some of these pictures are pretty neat. I’ll try and scan a couple in this weekend and send them to you so you can see if you can use them.

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