Dec 262007

Before I left for work today, Henry was enrapt in some dating show on Fox Reality called "Manhattan Match." There was some sniveling basketcase of a single woman on there, and let me tell you, she was saying all those red-flag things that, if I was a man, would have had my penis tripping over itself to be castrated. She was sobbing and whimpering things like, "I’m not needy! I’m not! I don’t know why guys leave me! My last boyfriend went on a business trip and I never heard from him again! I have no standards, I’ll take anyone who gives me attention!"

It was a level of desperation I couldn’t fathom.

"I don’t know what’s worse," I said to Henry. "Being so desperate that you find yourself crying on a dating show, or being stuck in a loveless, dead-end relationship like I am."

He wasn’t amused.

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  1. … i can’t imagine why henry didn’t crack up? hmm.

    that chick sounds hot.

  2. ‘would have had my penis tripping over itself to be castrated’

    ha, the visual this conjures up is killing me, because for some reason the penis is wearing a tiny green Robin Hood hat.


    obviously, i need to go to bed. pronto.

  3. Oh, ouch!


  5. I’m sure there is plenty of love in your relationship. Who couldn’t love you Miss Artsy?

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