Jun 132009

APTOPIX Stanley Cup Penguins Red Wings Hockey

All the months of finger-nail gnawing and heart-clutching paid off last when the Penguins won the fucking Stanley Cup, motherfuckers. No one thought they would do it, everyone hated on Crosby, blah blah blah. That was the  most vindicating sporting event I’ve ever witnessed and I sent Chooch into a fit of hysterical crying with my screaming. Sorry Chooch. And Alisha. And my neighbors whom I’m not sure even give a shit about hockey.

Thank god  for Alisha who consistently babysat me during the games and fielded my manic texts when she was unable to be here with me.  And thanks to Bill & Jessi for pulling for the Pens even while being in enemy territory. It was fun having you guys to cheer with!

Stanley Cup Penguins Red Wings Hockey

Now I have a few months to grow back my nails and re-learning how to breathe. But I’m sure by the end of next week, I’ll be whining, “I miss hockey!”

Missing the Craig Owens show last night in order to watch those guys hoist the Cup was the best decision I’ve made since, well — April.

[Photos taken from espn.com. Plz don’t be suing.]

  7 Responses to “Penguins FTW”

  1. I’m SO frick frackin’ happy that they won!!! Woooooooooo, City of Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. At first I was rooting for the Wings because 1. I live in Detroit(ish) and 2. I could make fun of you. Then my neighbor decided to start watching the games with his windows open. He was so annoying that I decided I’d rather then Wings lost than have my kid woke up by his hooting one more time.

  3. It was a great series. And did Marian Hossa live Pittsburgh to play with a team with a shot at the Cup? If so, man, he’s kicking himself now. Big time.

    • It really was a great series! Except for Game 5, which I will never think about ever again.

      Yes, Hossa left us after last season, even though Pittsburgh offered him more money. I was sad, because I had grown to really like him, BUT he would have been a salary cap hindrance. He looked like a dead man out there during the finals. It must suck so bad to be him right now.

  4. It was fun cheering with you too! It’s not the Wings I hate so much, it’s their fans, Wings fan can make anyone hate hockey for 26 years. One game with Erin, however, made me a Penguins fan! It wasn’t a hard push though really because #1 Penguins as an animal are my fav, #2 Anything I can do to piss off Wings fans is my bag, and #3 Who can lose with Satan on their side? Pronounce it how you want, we all know he’s the dark lord in human form!

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