Jan 222008

Today I was inspired to:

1. Resurrect "Peace out, Girl Scout!" as an exiting salutation.

2. Possibly submit some of my super gay short stories to an online publication.

3. Write raps again.

4. Incite flame wars on a regular basis because the last one spiked the shit out of my stats. (It wasn’t even a particularly fiery one, either.)

5. Make my own sandwich to take to work.

6. Talk to strangers more often. Preferrably ones that loiter under bridges and in front of abortion clinics.

What are your inspirations for today?

  18 Responses to “Inspirational Shit”

  1. If I had to pick just one, I really like the Franklin’s Bar story.

  2. I seriously haven’t heard “Peace out, Girl Scout” in way more than a decade until this afternoon. What an awesome way to end that particular rap.

    Well, one thing is that I was inspired to go back and read some of your old stories.

  3. My boss’ son, who is currently picking bananas on a farm (?) (plantation?) in Australia used to say “Peace out, Girl Scout”. He spoke with the stereotypical lisp and used to make the peace sign and snap and sashay away. He also used to tell everyone his sister was “from another mister” because she had an odd name (Tamika), which didn’t fit into their German background. He was very Carson Cressley.

    No hard feelings about your rap. Of course it was brilliant, but it’s never been my thing and I would have contributed much less to that journal than I do to either of these, in quantity and quality.

    • My rap journal is just a bunch of inside jokes that only about 5 people get anyway, so I don’t expect anyone to really care, don’t worry. I don’t honestly think I’m a rapper or anything!

  4. Um. That rap was hilarious.

  5. Thanks! It only took about a minute to write. I had an excellent muse.

  6. my inspiration is to eat a whole lot of cheeseburgers.

  7. I am inspired to punch some bitches in their faces, but I’m attempting to quash that.

    I am also inspired to drive to Pittsburgh. Huh.

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