Jan 222017

I mentioned a while back that Chooch called Henry from his gifted program to see what his heritage is, because he needed to know for an assignment. Henry’s grandma was from Syria apparently, but Chooch misunderstood and thought he said Siberia.

Chooch is letting me put his essay on here, so meet Bogdan, Chooch’s fake ancestor who helped him get an A on his gifted project…?


Hi I’m Bogdan, I am the leader of a Nomad tribe named the Enets. In the 13th century a small part of our area in Russia was conquered by our arch enemies the Mongols. One of our other tribes migrated north to hide from the Mongols. But our tribe stayed and fought.

Well, that’s our history. Let me tell you about our clothing. Well, we wear Red Turbans bedazzled with jewels, sparkles, and glitter. And sometimes it’s very cold so we wear fur coats made with fur from a wolf.

Our diet is mainly raw foods, anything that should be cooked, we eat raw.


So, I chose Siberian because my great-grandma is Siberian. I’ve never been to Siberia. I’ve never been out of the USA but I am soon.

Not to Siberia, but close. Siberia is interesting to me because they eat raw meat like it’s no big deal!

So this was my Siberian side of the family and how they survive and what their culture is all about! Toodles!


(I’m obsessed with this mask he made of Bogdan — it’s going on my wall with my other masks!)

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