Feb 272008

Henry made me the perfect dinner. I’d like to think he’s attempting to make up for not delivering my forgotten sandwich to me last night, but I think it’s likely just a fluke that what he whipped up turned out so wonderful. It’s basically crumbled tofu decorated with roasted red peppers and mushrooms, followed by a finishing flourish of unknown spices and a bath of Heaven’s nectar. Oh, and cheese! How can a meal be called complete without a hearty coating of cheese? It looks like slop, but it tastes amazing. I’m a sucker for tofu. And cheese. And cheesy tofu.

I choked on a mushroom, but went right back to eating without crying about it. That’s how good it is.

Henry’s going to make someone a good wife one day.

EDIT: Never mind. My molars just clamped down on something sandy, possibly metal shavings, like miniscule fragments of glass cracking under the weight of my jaw. I hate incidental crunch in my food. Mood-killer.

  8 Responses to “I’ll give him 5 points”

  1. You should read my recent LJ post…I’m hoping you can help me out!

  2. Ha!

    I knew the bliss would be short-lived! Damn those rogue crunchies.


  3. I threw away an entire sub today that was supposed to be dressed with red wine vinaigrette, because the dumb bitch cut it with a knife that had previously sliced a tuna sandwich, and then managed to also somehow get some of that nasty spooginess alllll up inside the sub. UGH. cannot.handle.that. So I tossed it. And I think Mark’s eyes are still stuck in the back of his head from all the eye-rolling he did. He then rescued it from the top of the trash, tried to “fix” it for me so I’d have something to eat, and I still protested.

    So I totally understand.

    • I meant to say, I still proteseted and didn’t eat.

      I am very hungry now. :( Why must I be so difficult?

    • Oh god, that’s unacceptable! What if you were allergic to tuna??

      One time, Henry was at Subway and he watched the employee take out the garbage, come back in and put on gloves WITHOUT washing his hands first. He won’t go back to that Subway now, but you know shit like that happens all the time.

  4. I agreeeeeee! Fucking celery in shit…anything crunchy like that RUINS THE MEAL! POOP!

    I have to say I am still smiling at Henry from afar though. The picture came out good that he fixed :D

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