Jan 242019

Saw this statement this morning on Twitter and I can’t say I’m surprised. I do not miss the days of being a Jonny Craig fan and getting let down when he’s performing at a concert in a drug-haze or drunken stupor, or when he gets kicked out of whatever current band he’s in (the Dance Gavin Dance removal was the one that hit me hardest), or when he’s being accused of domestic violence.

Just the other day I was thinking about how much I loved this guy, his golden voice, his inimitable stage swagger, to the point where I had a doll made in his likeness, made JC ornaments for work Xmas tree, and just all-around drove everyone in my life nuts with my ginger Jesus mania.

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His music was such a big part of my life for many years, so even though I truly despise him as a human being, I really do hate watching his demise.

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For as shitty as he has been the many times I’ve seen him in person, I sincerely hope the guy gets the help he needs and kicks this addiction. Fuck drugs, man. Sincerely fuck them.

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