Aug 152008

A girl on Etsy asked me yesterday if I had any Virgin Mary birthday cards, having seen the Mary and Jesus Halloween cards I sell. I didn’t actually have any, but felt inspired so I hurried up and whipped one up. She actually bought it, too, which surprised me.

The inside says: “Though it won’t be awesome as my son’s.” The two other versions are: “Hopefully God doesn’t knock you up” and “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

I also added a Ted Bundy general “thinking of you” card.

ted bundy

The inside says, “…and how this piece of nylon would look wrapped around your neck.”

I love Ted Bundy. I love making cards.

  12 Responses to “expanding my card line, apparently”

  1. Hello, I LOVE THESE! Are you going to sell them in sets, by chance?

  2. omg!!! fucking fantastic…

    these cards are amzaing,
    the ted bundy thinking of you one is genius. :)

    i wish i knew cool people to give these too!!!

    well…. sue’s birthday is monday LOLzorz.

  3. I’m not sure what scares me more: that you make these so cleverly and with so much enthusiasm or that people buy them; at least the serial killer ones. The Virgin Mary one is great!

  4. Very nice!! eventually i’ll actually have to buy one of your cards…..eventually. Do you think the ted bundy one would be appropriate to give someone i went on a date with or would that be coming on to strong? :)

  5. rotflmao. These are ingenious! I should order some…

  6. “The inside says, “…and how this piece of nylon would look wrapped around your neck.””

    OMG! LOL!

    I can only type in three letter netspeak..oh wait. The spell is broken.

    Still very kick ass!

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