Dec 242011


While out and about on the Southside, trying to get last minute shopping under our belts, we stopped at the Little Donuts Shop to get some, well, little donuts to take to my dad’s house.


“Little Donut, Big Jerk.”

The proprietor gave us generous samples and even threw in some extras. I was really pleased with the service and I’m happy to have a new tiny donut place to patronize, since the other one (Peace Love & Donuts) is run by a gay-hating bigot. (No, seriously. Don’t go there. Unless you hate gay people. Then be my guest, but let’s not be friends.)



Nothing says “Merry Xmas Eve!” like a dozen Lilliputian donuts capped with holiday sprinkles. (And hopefully a pitcher of spiked egg nog to wash it down.)


  One Response to “Christmas Eve Donuts”

  1. YESSSS! Hooray for not-gay-hating donuts!!! I have to check that place out! I won’t go to Peace Love & Little Donuts for the same reason (and likewise refuse to buy Toms shoes)

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