Jan 032012


In addition to the Henry pins, I’m making these little promo card things for my blog. It’s 2012 and while I don’t do resolutions (that’s the fast-track to failure, if you ask me), I decided that I want to focus more on the blog this year. No, I don’t want to be “famous,” but isn’t getting people to read this shit the whole point of having a blog? That’s what I thought, anyway, so I’m going to try and do a better job of promoting myself and whatever you call this crap I throw down on here.

I figured people might be more compelled to visit my blog if there were actual reader reviews for them to read. So I made some up. (Although, there are some real ones floating amongst the lies!)



I spelled Cheboygan wrong, I KNOW. GOD.

And here is this one that I didn’t get to print yet. The front is one of the Goofus & Gallant: Oh Honestly Erin-style comics that I was doing for awhile over the summer.


I’m going to be making a shitload of these, each one will be different. If you want a handful, holla at me! And, as always, if you read this, say hello every now and then. That kind of stuff makes my day, really.


And while I’m at it, let me go ahead and remind everyone reading this that this is my blog and I have the right to state my own opinions on here. So if you’re some scene-famous singer who didn’t happen to like the review I gave your show, please note for the record that this is a personal blog, not Spin; I’m writing from the point-of-view of a disappointed fan, not a music journalist. Maybe you shouldn’t be trolling Twitter, looking for negative things about yourself. And also, trying to mask your whiny disapproval with New Age advice, “less-than-threes” and smiley faces only makes you look like a desperate doucher with self-esteem issues. And to insinuate that I need to find happiness? Because I didn’t enjoy your solo show? Bitch, I’m not the one who tried to OD.

I’m sorry that I originally felt bad for you, and I’m sorry that I have a painting of you in my house; it will be listed on eBay within the next 24 hours. But hey, thanks for giving me a lot to think about and making me realize that I’m only going to be more ballsy from here on out. Playing it safe is for pussies. I’m glad you found my review and that I obviously evoked a strong reaction from you.

Otherwise, what’s the point of continuing this song and dance?

Chiodos FTW.


  4 Responses to “OH,E Promos & A 10-Year-Late Disclaimer”

  1. “And to insinuate that I need to find happiness? Because I didn’t enjoy your solo show? Bitch, I’m not the one who tried to OD.”

    Yes, where are these millions of responses, anyway? Oh well. I’ll make some smiley faces for you, too.

    • I wondered that as well, but I think he meant HE had a million responses that he wanted to say to me. But you know, he’s going to be “the bigger person.” He also sent me a direct message telling me that when life gives me the choice of pouting or smiling, always choose to smile [insert smiley face & heart]. Really? He’s comparing grieving to pouting?

      It’s so disappointing. I really think that social media has been great when it comes to giving fans a more personal experience with the bands they adore, but then shit like this happens, or you start seeing a side that was better kept off the stage & out of the spotlight for a reason, and it completely ruins it. I think he’s trying so hard to have a “Look at me and how down-to-earth I am with my fans!” persona but it feels so fucking fake (and more often than not—arrogant) to me.

  2. I like the one about a hobo speaking for all hobo’s. And the Wasp comment. Very nice.

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