Jan 292012


Hi, hello. Merry Sunday. Have some photos that I took this weekend.



Someone get me on a Wacky Worm, STAT. (The sleaziness of that statement will never get old.) This is pretty much how I looked all week: morose with a general feeling of malaise. I’m getting better, though. I can almost eat again without feeling seasick! (No, I’m definitely not pregnant, don’t fret.)


Chooch ran into this Star Wars display at Target and is suddenly really feeling Valentine’s Day.

Marcy & Chooch’s Art Class.

Again, I say: fuck off, winter depression! There is too much to look forward to.


Coming up: a post (with video!) where I wanted to fight a 13-year-old girl to defend Henry’s honor, and more of Henry’s answers to your questions on the “Harangue Henry” post. Woo, this blog is so full of substance I can hardly stand it. (Sarcasm 101.)

  4 Responses to “Sunday Snippet”

  1. I am refreshing Google Reader about once an hour in hopes that more Henry questions and answers will be posted!

  2. It sounds like you have the same thing I’ve had for the last week. And everyone asks if I’m pregnant. Makes me want to punch a baby. Feel better!

  3. That second picture down of the green/blue sky is gorgeous.

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