Feb 012012

For this round, I have pasted the questions and left it up to Henry to plunk out his answers on his own time. Mixing it up a little, you know? (Read: Too tired to transcribe.)


Barb asked: If you could be an inanimate object, what would it be and why?

I would be a knife and plunge myself into the eye of the author of this blog for making me answer questions.

Vanessa asked one of my favorite questions: What is one ( as i’m sure there are several) of your favorite Erin & Henry moments? Why?

There are so many moments good and bad(mostly her fault). There are a few that stand out, like our first long trip together was when I discovered Erin was not like other people her age, she was a little less mature. On the way back home from Wisconsin it seems the 11year old in her came out and she rode and pouted in the back seat for a good while, all because she didn’t get her way( that hasn’t change to this day). Now why does that stand out as a moment, it has helped me adjust the way I deal with the lovely Erin. And She wonders why sometimes I act like her dad.

[Ed.note: OMG way to gloss over the pertinents.]

And also: How do you feel about Whole Foods or similar grocery stores?

Actually I have no feelings at all about them, if I’m going near one of them and the parking lot is not jam packed with cars then maybe I’ll pull in.

[Ed.note: That’s the same way he feels about my kooka.]

Brandy asked a question that I know Henry is going to give a one-word answer to, so I am here to remind him of a certain story he once told me about his time in Panama. ANSWER THE QUESTION HONESTLY, HENRY: My question for henry is, did he ever kill anyone in the service?

No, I have never killed anyone, again Erin does not listen when told a story. She’s usually tunes me out once I start talking.


Shallie, who fooled me by NOT asking a bandanna-centric question, asks: Which drink in the Land of Faygo do you deliver the most? Do you have any crazy customers or funny stories about them?

The most popular flavor would be orange, and as for stories I don’t drive anymore so all my stories are old but I have been witness to a drive by shooting within a 100 yards and in a store when the owner and his employee beat the hell out of someone for stealing a bandana. Then having to wait till they mopped up the blood.

Jessica took the question out of everyone’s mouths in what I can only assume was a stern yet angry voice: When the hell are you going to propose?

I’ve known for a long time how and when and one day so will everyone else.

  7 Responses to “Henry Speaks Out Again: Round 2”

  1. Well, at least we can rest assured the proposal is coming, right? Although, is that in man-time like “I’ll get it done, honey” time?


  2. Wow! I was not aware of this bandana-related violence!!

  3. ok, wait! does that last answer mean that he has intentions to marry?

    oh Henry dear, what ARE your intentions towards our lovely Erin?

    (coach was asked that very same question on numerous occasions before he finally decided to marry my ass)

  4. Tell him that’s a B.S. answer and I demand more feedback!

  5. Omg…I never thought you could compare your kooka to the whole foods parking lot…your kooka has a lot less hippies in it

  6. I am absolutely and completely enamored by the answer of which this post ended on.

    I am crying from laughing at both parts of this. I think they’re some of my favorite.

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