Feb 072012

I’ve been meaning to make a Lizzie Valentine for so long now and I finally got a chance to do so the other day. I’m very pleased with it!


Go get yo’self one, fool! And check out my other new cards while you’re there.

And for kicks, here is a picture of my ass from when I stayed at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in 2003.

I would like to go back in time and curbstomp my 23-year-old self for saying shit like, “OMG MY ASS LOOKS LIKE THE SIDE OF A BARN.” Fuck you, 2003 Erin.

There was no point* to this, other than I just came across it on Flickr. Now I’m going to lament over my current ass’s girth. Carry on.

*(Lies. I just wanted to lure people over here.)

  4 Responses to “Lizzie Borden Valentine + a photo of my ass”

  1. So I’m wondering what you’re doing in this photo…it looks like prayers or a lost contact lens?

  2. Well, promises of butt shots do work to increase traffic to any site…

    and Kudos for you for actually putting it on there…you don’t want to disappoint the people you lure here with promises of ass by not giving it to them… :)

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