Feb 272012

For my regulars, I was just wondering what means you use to read my blog. Do you use a rss feed, subscribe through Networked Blogs, click through from Twitter, subscribe to the LiveJournal feed, read it covertly from your phone while you’re hiding from your wife in the bathroom, etc, etc.? Maybe you only read it after I hound you, bribe you, make sad puppy faces, or whine, “WHY DON’T YOU READ MY BLOG??” And that is fine, too.

I was just curious, because Google Friend Connect is about to be taken away from non-Blogger sites, which means if you follow me through that, I guess I will no longer count as a blogger in the eyes of Google as of March 1.

So here are some ways to keep up with me, if you want:

1. BlogLovin’

2. LiveJournal feed

3. Networked Blogs

4. RSS feed

5. Twitter (Be warned – this is mostly me talking to myself, being emo, and shouting things like YAY PENS! I LOVE HOCKEY!)

(I don’t do the email subscriptions anymore because HENRY kept breaking it.)

I’m on Google+ too but I never use it and am not smart enough to figure out how to use it for my blog.

I’m really bad at this side of blogging, so if there are any other ways to subscribe to this shit, I wouldn’t know. I’m too busy getting myself stoned at Chooch’s school and listening to Dance Gavin Dance.

Anyway, just let me know how you keep up with this thing. Or don’t let me know. Either way!

  20 Responses to “A Question from OHE to You”

  1. As I am less computer savy than most and have a very short term memory, I usually hit up your blog through your facebook posts. I would appreciate a better and more reliable way of accessing them though.

  2. i am so disappointed in google right now… taking away friend connect really throws a wrench into the ease of following for those who don’t know much about rss and such….

    last week i was following via GFC but i deleted all that and am now following you via RSS and use Google Reader or Netvibes to read blogs…

    i fear those of us who are non-blogger renegades will be losing some followers and that sorta sucks….

    • This is my fear, too. I remember a long time ago, when I was still using LiveJournal, bloggers had a legitimate Blogroll that they were using. What ever happened with that, I wonder?

  3. I have you in my Reader. To be honest, I follow a whole crapload of people through GFC and don’t pay attention to that at all, so it going away won’t affect me.

  4. Oh man, I’ve been meaning to address this on my own blog. I guess this is one of those times where I’m glad I don’t have thousands of GFC followers.

    I use Google Reader for the most part to read your blog but only because it feeds to there from GFC so I’m going to have to re-subscribe through Google Reader so that I don’t lose it although there are a lot of times I click on your twitter links as well.

  5. Google Reader. And my Twitter feed on my iPhone.

  6. I think I do the Friend Connect thing, but I’m not sure. I’m the word girl, man. I leave the technology to the mens in the crib.

    Lately I’ve been clicking the web addresses of blogs I like and then adding them to my Blogger thingy.

    This comment is totally not helpful in any way.

    I like Bob’s Candy Canes.

    And lip balm.

  7. I keep up with the website through bloglovin’ on my phone, but on my computer I just type in “ohhonestlyerin.com”, and I’m magically whisked away to this fabulous blog. Your blog is pretty much the only one I read anymore.

  8. I just use the http://www.ohhonestlyerin.com & saved it in my favorites….. I didn’t know there were other ways to get here! Who’s the most NOT tech-savy person here? (this response was brought to you today by the number 7)

  9. I read you via the LJ Feed. :)

  10. i also bookmarked your site and visit directly regularly. otherwise i might also click through from twitter on my phone.

  11. Erin,

    I subscribed via FeedBlitz, so that’s mainly how I keep up with your posts, although occasionally I may click through via Facebook.

  12. Don’t worry, you have still got at least one reader (me). I am now following you via Neworked Blogs, but have you seen the new “Linky Widget” some bloggers are now using, e.g. Jen on “Just Add Water Silly”. I am not very pleased with Google for taking GFC away for non-Blogger blogs, but there you are.

  13. I have your site saved in my bookmarks & I check in for new posts mostly daily.

  14. I get your blog on my Kindle! I pay for it. 99 cents a month. I wondered if you knew your blog was available on Kindle and that Amazon charges for it. It is my favorite blog ever! I am always so excited to see a new one.

  15. I have you saved in my bookmarks (although when I switched computers it wasn’t hard for me to remember your URL, it’s a good one) and I click it when I get the chance for peace and quiet catch-up on reading. Which is kind of cool for me because I usually get more than one entry and then it negates that feeling that I sometimes get about having finished reading the entire Internet.

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