Mar 122012

As my two year anniversary at The Law Firm nears, I received some good news tonight: I was approved for full-time! I think I’ve mentioned on here before that when I was originally hired as a temp, it was just to cover the late shift from 4-9.

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And those hours worked wonderfully for me! I got to watch loads of MTV, harrass the cats, write bullshit in my blog, work on my dumb book  spend time with my kid once he got home from school, and then after 6 months they made me a real Law Firm employee. But now that Chooch is in school for full days, there’s really no reason for me to be home. And Henry was all, “If you can convince them to bring you on full time, I will worry about what to do with him in the summer. You leave the summers to me.”

So that is what I’m going to do: leave the summers to Henry. He’ll be having Chooch pushing cases of Faygo on a forklift and napping luxuriously at a desk  in no time.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working mostly full days to help out while Barb is recuperating, but I wasn’t sure how necessary that would be once she comes back.

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In any case, I can always be Barb’s afternoon gofer.

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Man, this is going to be great. Just think of all the extra time I’ll have to mastermind more office pranks and annoy the shit out of Barb once she returns. And then maybe someday this can afford us to move the FUCK out of Brookline, which eats a little more of my soul with each passing year. Or maybe that’s the effect of the local meth fumes.

It might not seem like that big of a deal, but it really matters to me. I am so happy/relieved/grateful right now. Seems like just yesterday we were about to be evicted.

  15 Responses to “Congratulate Me, OK?!”

  1. OK, OK, enough already! Congratulations! :-)

  2. Eff yes!!! <3

  3. Holy cow! Two years already? Congrats on full-time Erin!! :-)

  4. :) Awesome news!

  5. Im soooo happy for you! And me!

  6. I’m not only proud of you but so excited too!!!!!!! I have cheap rates for the summer!

  7. Well done!!! This is great news!

  8. WOO HOO! Congratulations!!

  9. Congratulations hun, made up for you. Just make sure you keep this blog up to date. You should get yourself some apples to celebrate.

  10. awesome news…congrats!

    Henry should teach chooch to drive the forklift…he will love it… :)

  11. Yeay! Congratulations Erin! I’m very happy for you, for REALZ!

    I wish the opposite would happen to me at my job.

  12. I knew you were writing a book, but I feel like you haven’t told me much about it. Fill me in!

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