Apr 202012


Hey, remember a couple weeks ago when I thought I was going to get stabbed on the trolley, so I got off one stop early and then Henry got all mad because he had to walk me to work via his cell phone? Well, I took the trolley to work today (trade off for Henry taking Chooch to school TWO DAYS IN A ROW, BEST BOYFRIEND EVER) and inadvertantly sat right across from that guy again! Jesus fuck. This time it wasn’t so bad: I was only entertained with a series of exaggerated yawns and some motorboating. I felt safe enough this time around to get his picture, right before we arrived at our stop. I know it’s not up to my usual stalking-par, but I took this through a plexi glass divider.

Then some tall, handsome man was all, “Ladies first” in a very seductive tone, and I was like, “Thank god people still recognize me as a lady.

Actually, all kinds of people were nice to me on the way to work today, which is weird considering I’m usually a trash receptacle for unwarranted sneers and snarls.


Today, the Law Firm is showing their Pens support, so I wore my Sid Vicious shirt that Andrea got me when she was visiting last December. Game 5 starts in less than two hours.

I have an eye twitch.

Between Stanley Cup Playoffs and Chooch’s looming birthday party (this Sunday!), my whole body is one big eye twitch.

  One Response to “Trolley & Hockey: 2 Pics for Friday”

  1. That guy even looks creepy!!!! I love your shirt and hope you don’t have a heart attack tonight. Well- ever. But especially, tonight! <3

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