May 022012


I love that my co-workers save all their degenerate foodstuffs for me. It reminds me of my cat Don’s weener when he was a kitten.

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Except orange.

I guess this is my Wordless Wednesday contribution. Who even cares.

  5 Responses to “Curious Carrot”

  1. I was trying to convince myself it wasn’t a wiener carrot and then you said that. Now that image is going to be burned into my mind forever.

  2. I think that means you’ll have good luck or something like that. I’m probably lying.

  3. Ick. Did anyone eventually eat that nasty bitch?

    • No, it was saved just for me! In fact, my co-worker Sean came over yesterday and said, “Um, I think you need to pitch that by the end of the night, before it starts sprouting” and I was like, “But isn’t that what we WANT?”

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