Jul 032012


I was so excited and totally doing the pee dance in anticipation of Andrea’s arrival, that I left my house too early to get her. Rather than circle around the airport like an idiot (because that’s so much different than walking in circles around my house, amirite Law Firm Walking Challenge?), I pulled into the Sunoco that’s conveniently located within the airport grounds, and is therefore peppered with SUNOCO PARKING ONLY NO WAITING FOR AIRPORT PASSENGERS signs.

Because I’m always on OMG AM I GOING TO GET IN TROUBLE alert, I figured I better go inside and buy the right to park here. So I got this curious drink called NeuroTrim which tastes distinctly Asian and verboten. It’s the only way I can describe it and with any luck, it’s chockful of fen-phen and I’ll drop 20 before going into cardiac arrest.

It comes in a pretty cool bottle and it apparently wants to be drank three times a day, before major meals. Look Henry, I found a new fad!

  2 Responses to “Terminal Beverage”

  1. I like the bottle! I thought fen-phen got outlawed?

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