Jul 242012
  • Henry and I went to dinner at Alma with our friends Rick and Tammy on Saturday; the dinner was wonderful but I honestly can’t stop thinking about the horchata martini I had, OMG. If I had known how cheap our bill was going to be, I’d have ordered another and then 3 more.
  • My birthday is Monday. I will be THIRTY-THREE. So far, I have been enjoying my thirties way more than my twenties. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I’m more proactive at doing what makes me happy and I’ve learned to be pickier with the people I let in. I’ve met some real gems since kissing my twenties my goodbye.
  • Henry is taking me and Chooch away this weekend for my birthday. Nothing major, just Erie which is only about 2 hours away and not that great BUT there are two little amusement parks around that area so we’re making a weekend of it.
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    • This is provided our car doesn’t break down, Chooch doesn’t get us arrested, or Dorothy’s house doesn’t fall on us, considering every time we try and go away something stupid and/or devestating happens.
  • Then next weekend, I’m continuing the celebrating with Laura at the Fayette County Fair, holla. She better buy me some ice cream or at least arrange a carny lap dance. Whichever is cheaper.
  • I just found out today that Jonny Craig was name-dropped in a meeting I wasn’t even attending. I have poisoned The Law Firm!
  • A lot of things have been changing at work and I am totally overwhelmed by it, but at least I’ve only cried once in Wendy’s office so far.
  • We’re in the process of moving all the non compos cards to their own site so everyone can buy directly from me very soon. Fuck Etsy.
  • I’m not against accepting whatever sorts of trinkets, love letters and Call Me Maybe tank tops you’re wont to send me on my birthday, FYI. Address available upon request.
  • I’ve been keeping an open dialogue with Chooch regarding the theater massacre in Aurora, CO. Chooch is full of ideas on how to “take care” of James Eagan Holmes, such as: “Tying a string around his head, setting it on fire, and watching the blood explode above his head like firecrackers.” I didn’t even yell at Chooch when he called him a motherfucker.
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And on that note…here is a picture of Pete and Henry being directed by Seri, who kept making me give them words to act out, but they were very insubordinate about it. (To be honest, I myself wasn’t sure what was going on. Sure do love hanging out with that girl, though, even when we somehow tend to find ourselves alone, late at night, in unsavory places without pepper spray, thinking that some hump-backed rodents are really cute little kitties.)

  8 Responses to “Things on a Tuesday”

  1. Oh yeah, I was at that meeting. We totally talked about Jonny Craig. Marlene and Debby I were a little mystified though.

  2. Man, we had to be so careful with the boy about tragedies when he was younger. He’d get crazy angry! And I do mean crazy…

    • It’s such a fine line. I don’t want to shield him from these things entirely, but I also don’t want him to start fostering phobias. But I feel like if kids are raised to think that cops, firemen, soldiers are heroes, they should know that there are bad guys too. I won’t let him know the gruesome details, but he saw the news last week and he knows the gist of it.

      I’m actually relieved that his reaction was what it was because it shows that he has compassion (thank god)!

  3. For the record, I agree completely that 30’s are better than 20’s. Granted, I’d love to erase 60 days of my 38th year, but there’s a strong chance they’ll turn around in time for 39.

    Have fun this weekend!

    Please email me your address — thanks!

    • I feel that way about 2012, but I still have half a year left to turn it around, and I’m up for that challenge. ;)

      I have a feeling yours is going to improve too!

  4. Happy birthday! I hope you have an amazingly joyous time at the baby amusement parks and nothing disastrous happens.

    I agree with the Fuck Etsy sentiment. Are you using a prebuilt platform to sell your cards? Or are you designing your own page? Either way, let me know how it goes. I’m clearing out my Etsy shop because I can’t take them anymore.

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