Aug 042012


The “GTFO, I’m Trying To Fix the Car, Stop Embarrassing Me In Front of Hot Naybor Chris & I Know You’re Only Taking Pictures So You & All Your Little Friends Can Laugh At My Bandanna” frown.

  4 Responses to “Frown of the Day: Project Grease Monkey”

  1. no Henry! no laughing at the bandana… they are totally cool!

    • He’ll be happy to know you think it’s cool! He got made fun of for YEARS on LiveJournal for wearing them, it kind of became a “thing.” Ha!

      • maybe it’s just something of this particular generation… i say that with fondness because i think i’m maybe on the outermost upper edge of the same generation? anyway, most of us over the age of say, 38ish, grew up with some sort of bandana, scarf, or hat on our heads lol

  2. …I was totally wearing a bandana yesterday. It was to hold my ridiculous hair down while we were rock crawling, but still.

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