Aug 082012

I found some pictures I took inside my grandparents house from 2007-2008. It’s mind-blowing to me how a house that was once so open and inviting (to family, anyway; most of my friends were afraid of it) turned into a bolted-up, secretive fortress. I haven’t been inside there since 2010, and that was for about 30 minutes before Sharon was shooing me out.



This painting was supposed to be mine. This was all I wanted, plus all the old photo albums. I don’t care about the money. I would rather continue living in pseudo-squalor than taking their handouts.



Chooch in the Clown Room, standing near a sharp-edged glass table, wooo parenting!


Master bathroom, one of my favorite rooms as a kid.


Someday I hope to have a house to cover in strange wallpaper.

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Chooch in the kitchen. I just wanted to post a baby picture, that’s all.

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Someday, before the house is gone, I want to break in and take more pictures and just get one good, long look at what seemed so normal to me as a kid.

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I spent some of the best days of my life at that house, watching “Golden Girls”, “Empty Nest” and “Hunter” during Saturday night sleepovers, eating grilled cheese, and playing PacMan in the game room while “She Bop” blared out of the jukebox.

It really depresses me to know how Grey Gardens it all has become.

(Susie, if you’re reading this and you have any photos of the house from when you were a kid, I would love to see them!)

  15 Responses to “Gillcrest Glimpse”

  1. What an amazing beautiful house!!! It just looks like its filled with magic :)

  2. Love the look of the house and all it’s flavor….

    • Thanks, Ranee, me too! I remember posting some pictures once when I used Live Journal and someone called it tacky. I felt all badly about it, like they said it about my kid, lol.

  3. if you want to sneak in – I’ll be your lookout!

    • Yes! The key is getting Sharon to leave the house for awhile, lol. She and my mom think I’m some fucking cat burglar or something, like all I care about is stealing stuff to pawn. Makes me feel real great, lol!

  4. i LOVE that house! that carpet and wallpaper and art on the walls and gold leaf stuff everywhere… how cool!

  5. OMG that house is so rad! I feel like it should be on display like a museum or something. I love it!

  6. These are the coolest pictures ever. And attatchment is all about the places you felt most safe, secure, and loved in-I feel the same way about my grandparents house as well. It’s so cool to have pictures to place with all the awesome stories you tell about from your childhood. This house looks amazing!

  7. Hmmm-these photos kind of explain some things. But seriously, that’s a great house. I would pay $5 for a tour.

  8. I would kill for that wallpaper

  9. That is such an amazing place. Thanks so much for sharing pictures. The carpet in the clown room is SO COOL.

    Awww, baby Chooch!!

    I am so sorry that your mom and aunt are treating you this way. It’s their weirdness/craziness and you don’t deserve it. <3

  10. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Things I remember were the coin filled toilet seat, the air hockey table, the slot machines (Uncle John showed me his hidden can of coins above a curio to paly when I wanted, and let me keep the winnings!). Then there was the fire and they lived in those apartments for months during the renovation. I also remember his Luger collection. On a completely different note, Paul was one good dude and I enjoyed seeing him at the family get togethers……Just wanted you to know my opinion of him, again, he was one cool down to earth guy.

    • Mark, thank you for telling me that about my dad. I know so very little about him, that it’s nice to get someone’s opinion!

      And the comment about Herbie made me laugh so hard!

  11. Oops, I forgot to mention, as to the wallpaper and such, I still laugh when I remeber Uncle John stating “That Herbie might be a ____sucker, but he sure can decorate!”.

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