Aug 142012


We’re having a baby shower for Colleen today at work; Barb knew better than to ask for my help decorating, but I still contributed a little.


I came out of retirement to paint this for the baby’s room. I hope Colleen (and the baby) like it!

When Barb saw the gift bag on my desk, she got seriously disgusted and yelled, “NOW who are you getting gifts from?! This is getting ridic—” Then she realized it was Colleen’s baby gift and said, “Oh,” in a tiny voice.

Speaking of parties, I had one thrown for me Sunday night. No, I take that back—it wasn’t a party. It was BETTER than a party. It was so good, in fact, that I am still stunned two days later and every time I try to sit down and write about it, I wind up staring off into the distance with a goofy smile on my goofy face. Soon!

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  1. I love the picture!

  2. LOVE the picture! That’s great :)

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