Nov 222007

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Today was a day for thanksgiving indeed: Henry had the doctor call me in an alternate prescription because I apparently am allergic to Cipro. Or my pain threshold just does not have the braun to withstand the brain-swelling sensation that the side-effect head aches were giving me.

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(Oh, don’t worry! I’ll be back later with a thorough recap of each and every kidney twinge I endured this past week!

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Anyway, today was the first day since Sunday that I actually: looked un-sick, dressed in clothes made of fabrics other than cotton, and applied makeup to my face. We went to my Grandma’s and my mom cried over the phone about having a “headache,” her stand-by excuse for every little situation she wishes to escape (I jumped at my chance here to smugly remind my grandmother that I had just been to the hospital but I still made it and she solemnly concurred, probably feeling even more disappointed with her daughter thanks to my interjection), I got to eat my first actual meal of substance in days, and there were onions in my un-meated stuffing. However, I was happy. My belly was happy. My head was happy, thanks to the large pain killer the doctor also prescribed.

Happy Thanksgiving, yee-all.

[Edit: It is sad when I’m so out of it that HENRY catches my typos.]

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