Oct 192008

All was calm Friday night, exactly how Henry likes it, until Blake arrived and suddenly Henry had two ornery kids in his presence. We decided to give Henry a scene makeover while he was busily working at the computer on something gay.

He was partially aware of what was happening, but too concerned with Photoshop to do anything more than limply swat at us.

Unfortunately, this was the best we could do because Henry’s locks are degenerate.

Possibly, we could have whipped up a real follicular wonderwall of asymmetric proportions had we had the foresight to add scissors to our hairspray-brush powerhouse, but I think that adventure might have ended with some broken wrists.

  11 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday: “Fun W/ Henry” Edition”

  1. how cute!!

    i bet lucia would give you and blake jobs!!

  2. henry is so xscenex

    • I am DETERMINED to make that man over! Probably not “scene” but at least something with some STYLE. Ugh, he drives me nuts. Just because he’s old doesn’t mean he should only wear Faygo* shirts!

      (*Beverage his company sells. Not sure if you have that up in Canada!)

      • oh sure we got that up here! and paved roads (since a few months ago)


        TWO area codes!

        I tell you we’re moving up in the world!


        If I make it to your birthday party, we’ll get him drunk until he passes out. I’ll cut his hair and make a run to the gap.

        He’ll wake up a changed man. You just have to convince him he was always like that and nothing is askew

        “those clothes? don’t be silly those are your favourite… your hair has ALWAYS been like that… wtf how much did you drink? you silly guy! ha!”

  3. At least he let you brush his hair.
    My husband is a dirtball.

  4. lol i did this,
    my hair styling skills are off the charts mo’ fucka :D

    • It’s true! You have the coolest hair out of everyone I know. Except for maybe Robert Smith, but he’s had decades to perfect that shit.

      We seriously have to get your dad to at the very least start wearing nicer shirts. He’s too plain.

  5. This is cracking me the hell up so bad!

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