Dec 082012

I have a sinus infection from hell. I don’t get sick often, but when I do? Hooooo boy. I went to work yesterday and totally should have just stayed home. I don’t think people there are used to seeing me sick, so I was kind of like a zoo exhibit. I even kept my door closed to keep people away from my quickly unraveling nasal monstrosity.

Though, I did really appreciate all the offers to get me hot chocolate, meds, a shotgun for my misery.

At a certain point last night, I surrendered and laid down on the floor of my office with a blanket over my head.

It wasn’t pretty.


Today, I had to reverse-RSVP to two holiday parties that I was really looking forward to attending because I still feel shitty and no one should have to be subjected to my alter who, Ms. Ra’bull.

Except for Henry and Chooch.


But by 5:00pm, I sincerely needed to get out of the house. Plus, I was really, really hungry. And for something other than horseradish. (Home remedy fail.) First we dropped Chooch off at his grandma’s and did some light Christmas shopping where I used my inherent feminine chicanery to dupe Henry into buying me two new winter coats.

(Admittedly, I watched a LOT of MTV’s True Life when I was home sick on Thursday, and “I’m a Sugar Baby” was one of the episodes.)

Then we picked up Chooch and grabbed some dinner at Frank & Shirley’s because I really needed some of their greasy sex fries.


Henry saw a Marc Jacobs scarf at Target and was appalled at the price. We came from two different backgrounds, so things of a designer nature confuse him.

90 minutes later and he was still frowning about it. “I don’t care WHOSE name is on it! How hard is it to cut a piece of black fabric??”

This is what happens when Target tries to go upscale – Henry’s blue collar explodes.


OMG those fries. Too bad 90% of my taste buds are still infirm.


When I was in high school, Frank & Shirley’s was one of three greasy spoons I’d hit up for cigarettes. This isn’t actually anything to brag about, but I was known for having no less than 6 different kinds of cigarettes on my person at all times, thanks to my penchant for feeding couch-change into those cancer dispensers.

Every time I see one (pretty rare these days), it’s like one hearty yank on my nostalgia dick.


How are you spending your weekend? Hopefully “breathing thru the nose” is on the list!

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  1. Sinus infections are no joke. It’s no wonder you’re so sick! Get some rest, orgasmic French fries can wait. :)

  2. Sinus infections are awful! I hope you get feeling better, and quickly.

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