Nov 262007

Today, I toured the WQED studio with my Creative Non-Fiction class. We were incognito as Communications majors. Perhaps if I truly was a Communications major, it would have been more interesting. But, as an "Erin," it was horrifically boring and counted as the first time since the Great Kidney Infection of 2007 that I had to stand. Kind of a lot. On my feet. Without the aid of Henry’s arm as a crutch. But at least I got to see some Mister Roger’s props. And we got "treat bags" full of guitar picks and stickers from some synth company, which we learned were leftovers from a Battle of the Bands that the studio hosted two weeks ago. I’m so excited that I’m going to score my picks right now.

Now I’m supposed to write about this for Wednesday. Christ. It’s going to suck.


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