Dec 242012


I would like to pay someone to teach me how to wrap presents. (Not to toot my own horn, but I do honestly think that I’ve vastly improved. I mean, at least I graduated to real wrapping paper.)

The other day, Chooch was like, “Mommy, you do such a great job wrapping presents.” I thought Henry was going to choke to death.


Marcy was all, “Go ahead, you can pretend I wrapped that. But everyone knows even I would do a better job.”

Henry was going to wrap all of Chooch’s presents at his office this weekend but I threw a gigantic fit because I want to help too.

“Oh please! We both know you’re not going to do shit to help!” Henry yelled. But guess who decided to wrap them at home tonight after all? HAHAHA another victory!

  3 Responses to “Wrapping Woes”

  1. I’ll teach you. Wrapping gifts is serious business in my family.

  2. I’m OCD so I wrap like nobody’s business. Come on over to Utah and I’ll teach you. Make sure you bring lots of tape, and it helps of the paper has the grids on the back.

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