Dec 292012

Please forgive me, but I still have a ton of Christmas bullshit to fling all up on these pages like Pollacked ape shit. However, I’m sick (again—December can blow me) so this isn’t happening as fast as I need it too.

Today’s cop-out post is a picture of the Darkride & Funhouse Enthusiast Christmas card that Henry, Chooch and I are on. I wasn’t expecting it so it was a fun surprise when it came in the mail.



I got made fun of at work for joining this group, but I just really like being a part of things, OK?!

Next: Christmas Eve pictures, Chooch-designed Christmas cards, PRESENTS!!!

  3 Responses to “Christmas Card Cameo”

  1. This month has been evil for the body. I got really sick last week and had to miss work. This week I strained a back muscle that is also getting more irritated by another problem, so missed another day. Hope January is sickness free.

  2. This is awesome! I think it’s cool you’re in DAFE.

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