Jan 052013


Chooch & Henry were being d-bags to me this morning (otherwise known as: ignoring me) so I blew this dysfunctional popsicle stand and went to my favorite cemetery.


I listened to a mix of my favorite roller skating jams; it was pretty perfect.


Where do you go when you need to peace out from reality?

  3 Responses to “Happy Place”

  1. I read. Alone. Anywhere I can cuddle up with a blanket. I don’t really have a go-to place.

    Your pictures are beautiful. We don’t have pretty cemeteries around here. All of our gravestones are just the one-foot-tall slabs of marble or concrete.

    • You’re lucky! There is nowhere I can go in my house to be alone. I have to physically leave or suffer! Reading is almost impossible unless I’m home alone.

      And thank you ;) That’s one of the nice things about my city – tons of old ass cemeteries!

      • I have one room that I like to call my sanctuary (my office/craft room – the one room I’ve redecorated in our lovely house) and the husband and kid know if the door is shut, to leave me the hell alone. The cat on the other hand, he’s an asshole and thinks all closed doors are invitations to come in and put his ass in my face.

        I hope one day you have a sanctuary in your house!

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