Jan 112013

While Henry is dealing with the grown-up parts of looking for a house (which he hasn’t actually started doing yet! BLAME HENRY!), I’m more focused on the important things. Like, collecting more wheelchairs and deciding what song I want my doorbell to play.

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I think my favorite Kraftwerk song would be apropos:

Chooch agrees.

Can’t you just imagine ringing my doorbell, hearing scary German synthpop (because I’ll make sure it’s loud enough to hear from my doorstep), and then seeing me open the door in one of my old wheelchairs, probably with a fetus doll on my lap?

In my parent’s house, we had a this doorbell which I’m sure was extremely high-tech for its time. There was a box on the wall with a ton of songs to choose from, like La Cucaracha. I self-appointed myself to be the official doorbell DJ of Gillcrest Drive.

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Meanwhile, the doorbell of my current residence hasn’t worked since the day I moved in. I’m pretty excited to have a doorbell again one day. I guess I never realized it was so important to me.

Which song would you pick for your own doorbell?

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  2 Responses to “Soundtrack to My House”

  1. Spice Girls. People would hear it and leave, which is perfect since I hate people.

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