Jan 172013


My Jonny Craig doll has been pretty lonely so Chooch suggested that I have a Vic Fuentes (Pierce the Veil) doll made. So I went straight to Maya, who can pretty much make ANYTHING because she’s a creative genius. And damn, she is FAST! I think this whole process only took a little over a week once I got some pictures sent to her.


She even gave him a little nose ring, OMG!


The first time I saw Pierce the Veil, Vic was wearing a Jaws t-shirt, which Maya replicated into a tiny baby size (even embroidered teeth on him!).  I can’t wait to get him in the mail and squeeze him! (Although, Chooch totally thinks that it’s HIS doll.)

I can see Chooch and I are going to be doing a lot of sibling-esque fighting over Vic.


  6 Responses to “A Stuffed Vic Fuentes”

  1. Geez, that’s cute!

  2. Does she do custom dolls for other people or just you? Does she have a website/Etsy account? I want a custom doll!!!!


  3. This doll is BAD ASS!!! I’m checking out her shop now.


  5. were can i get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 x

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