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Taking a cue from my blog buddy Danielle who shared 5 things she’s currently loving over the weekend, here are my right-now fave fives. (I would have done mine yesterday, but I was too busy watching the Superbowl. /jokes.)

1. Clowns

I love clowns and I love collecting clowns! I recently snatched up this vintage paper mache mask from eBay and I pause to look at it 87 times a day. Chooch watched me hang it and said exasperatedly, “God. What is with you and clowns?!”



2. Planning Adventures

One of my strategies for making it through winter is planning adventures, short road trips, stupid tours to take. Just get me out of here, you know? Janna and I are going to Mansfield, Ohio at some point to check out the Biblewalk at the Living Bible Museum. It looks like it has the potential to be triple the uncomfortable fun which was experience at Christ in the Smokies, and I can’t wait! There’s also a small funeral home museum in Ohio that’s on the list.

And of course, just thinking of all the amusment park trips over the horizon is making me completely giddy. Seriously — sometimes you gotta trick yourself into being happy! It works. Mostly.

3. Making Creepy Crafts

My friends at Castle Blood are opening up the Castle on March 30 for an all-day shopping spectacular called Crafts in the Crypt and they gave me a vendor table. I haven’t actually done anything like this before, so I’m pretty nervous. [A few years ago, a local boutique called Wildcard offered me gallery space for my own fucking art show, but I had to decline because I was poor (for real; as in: ‘do this or eat’ poor) and they wanted my photographs to be the main focus. Printing photographs isn’t very cheap.]

For this show, I’m going to have a bunch of my serial killer cards, some paintings & pendants that are leftover from my Somnambulant days (and maybe some new paintings; we’ll see), Appledale prints now that we have a fantastic printer, and new pendants like the ones below.

Whether I sell anything or not, it’s been fun working with Henry on this shit, even though he gets totally annoyed at my frustration and impatience over drying glue. (IT TAKES TOO LONG!)


4. Pee Wee!

Boy, do I love Pee Wee Herman. He’s one of the few infatuations that have carried over from my childhood. (OK, that’s a lie, considering I’m basically still living my childhood.) His Big Adventure is one of the only movies I can (and do) freely quote, and the best part is that now my kid can too! There’s going to be a Pee Wee festival next September in Kentucky called Pee Wee Over Louisville and we are totally there. I’m hoping to meet my long-time LiveJournal friend Michelle there, too. PEE WEE LOVE FOR EVERYONE.

I bought this giant 19×23 print for Chooch a few weeks ago and it finally came today. It’s his favorite part of the movie!


5. Henry & Chooch

No matter how much they annoy me, I really love my little unconventional, imperfect, weird family. The daily dialogue we share is pretty ridiculous and never boring. And thank god.


Religious programming. I love it. I love just having it on for background noise but then ASSHOLE HEATHEN HENRY always snatches the remote and puts something stupid on, like Criminal Minds.  One time, Christina was visiting and had to call her mom. I had EWTN on so loud that she had to take the phone outside because she couldn’t hear her mom over top of the clanging church bells.

 I don’t watch EWTN as much as I used to, but I had it on long enough the other night to catch this gem:

I even downloaded the Vine app specifically so I could share this with the 0 people who I follow on there.

Later, I discovered that there is an EWTN Spanish channel but ASSHOLE HEATHEN MEXICAN-HATING HENRY won’t let me order it.
OK, your turn!

  15 Responses to “5 Things I Love”

  1. Clowns=creepy. Especially that mask, and if someone really wore it, I’d shit. I’m loving those pendants and I can’t wait to hear how you do at the Crafts show! Your work is amazing – the pendants, the photography, the paintings, all of it – and you are absolutely good enough to have your own show. I mean it. Pee Wee Herman also gives me the heebie jeebies… I think it’s his hair. Or maybe the laughter. I’m not sure.

  2. I wanted to get more serial killer valentines for Baby Beez’ valentines day party at daycare. Mr. Beez put the kibosh on that idea. Booooo

  3. Man, I cracked up several times while reading your lovin’ it list. Especially at #4!

    Ooh, do you still have any of those The Crapper signs for sale? I totally want one for Nature Boy’s bathroom!

    P.S. Thanks for linking me. I heart you.

    • I heart YOU!

      I definitely have a “Poo Parlor” on hand, but I can make you a custom
      “Crapper” If you’d like! Just let me know ;)

      • RIP Somnambulant. I will forever love you. I was just too poor back then to bring you home. Now I must have a piece of history!!!

        What colors are in the Poo Parlor one? I haven’t seen that one. The Crapper one had dark red and brown and stuff I think. (Is it weird that I want a Crapper sign that matches my decor?)

        Of course, if I buy Poo Parlor, you won’t have one for the Castle Blood folks. I’m bettin’ they would be disappointed…

        • I’ll check when I get home from work because I’m pretty sure I still have a box of unsold pieces stowed away somewhere. And if I don’t have that one still, I can easily make you one in those same colors, no problem!

  4. I am trying to stifle the laughing fit I am having in my office at the cross-stick falling over. I am failing, and now I am crying. Also, I can’t stop rewinding it. LOVE.

  5. Bill and I share your deep love of PeeWee, maybe we could join you for your Louisville excursion!

  6. I love those pendants! I would buy one from you – not kidding.

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