Feb 172013

Yesterday I went to castle blood for their valentine show and there were a lot of pop-up monsters and jannas fortune didn,t love her and daddy peed his pants!Daddy got yelled at for not turning off his phone and mommy was not awesome the whole time.

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I was awesome the whole time and i got to rip a hart out of a monster and it said i never loved you any way!

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Katelyn (my frenemy) gave me cookies and love potion.

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Today Mommy had to get her dumb fruit and Daddy acted like a idiot who is at work and he knows everything about the weird asian market and it smells like fish in there


They still wont let me get a durian!!!!!

  2 Responses to “Castle blood”

  1. Don’t worry, Chooch. Dumb Daddy wouldn’t let me get any mangosteen, either. I know how you feel!!


  2. “I was awesome the whole time.” My favorite line. I am so using that from now on.

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