Feb 192013

My friend Michelle posted this on my Facebook timeline because she is smart and knows that I would:

  • cry from laughing
  • annoy the shit out of Henry with it

Boy, was she right.

“I bet Henry sings this song at work,” Michelle said, and oh! what an image!

I haven’t had much opportunity to really get under Henry’s skin with it, but on the way to work, I played it in the car and said, “Do you know what this is!?”

He only needed to hear about 3 seconds of it from my shitty iPhone speaker before smirking. “Yeah, it’s an old Faygo commercial. It’s on their website!” he scoffed, utterly unimpressed. And then he added, “There’s a rap version, too.”


For those who don’t know, Henry works for a beverage company that distributes Faygo.


In other Henry news, I found out that he was actually planning on getting me this beautiful(ly creepy) antique wooden wheelchair for Valentine’s Day, but the motherfucker on Craigslist never responded. Henry, you should just quit Craigslist already. Anyway, just knowing that he was trying to do that for me made me be pretty nice to him all weekend.

I mean, other than the whole Redbox debacle.


  3 Responses to “FAYGO BOAT SONG!!”

  1. That song is amazingly scary. And that was thoughtful of Henry to try to buy you a wheelchair, seriously. Too bad Craigslist hates Henry.

  2. A rap version? If not ICP it should be Eminem.

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