Nov 132008

Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 09:30 I’ve concluded that chooch mainlines sugar and speed in his crib at night. #
  • 11:25 Since my weekend getaway ended up leaving me more upset than relaxed, I guess Ill have to go away again. Alone, this time. #
  • 16:40 Henry: “o, that smell in ur gas mask? Ur not going to get rid of it.” Me: “y?” Henry: “uh- its the rubber” #
  • 16:41 Thank u, gas mask. You’ve provided new ways for Henry to segue into his beloved “when I was in the SERVICE” topic. #
  • 16:48 I’d say its a good day when the most difficult impasse was choosing between domino dancing and shadow dancing. #
  • 17:16 u can cook more than 1 thing in an oven at once??? This is nearly as exciting as when I found out I have a, how u say? Broiler. #
  • 09:17 I don’t even want to listen to Daughtry sing “Home,” so why would I want to listen to Alvin and the Chipmunks warble it? #
  • 10:09 I got my first request for a custom serial killer card. OH PRESSURE. #

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Tonight I’m having a sorta/kinda business meeting, if you will, with some hip hop dudes regarding a photoshoot I said I would hook them up with.

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I’m excited to be getting out of the house, having some of that alcoholic substance I hear so much about, getting out of the house, being away from the hypnotic soundtrack of Noggin cartoons, and getting out of the house.

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Hopefully after these dudes meet me, they will still want to work with me and will walk away thinking that I am sort of alright in the cool department and possibly not just some hack (although that will be the hardest myth to dispell!). If anything, I hope they at least walk away thinking, “That girl was lame, but had nice mams.

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EDIT: Meeting postponed. Going to get pie instead.

  2 Responses to “Tweets + quickie = illegitimate nonsense”

  1. i hope your meeting goes well…
    i’m sure it will!!

    i’m excited to see how it goes-
    and where this hip hop shoot takes you.

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