Nov 232008

Technically, Blake’s sixteenth birthday was last Monday, but we didn’t get to do it up right with a cake until today. Janna and Henry’s mom joined in so that the obligatory Happy Birthday serenade had more of a full-choral feel and less of that chirping cricket sensation. However, they also made sarcastic remarks during a viewing of Jon and Kate Plus Eight which made me get all defensive. I HAVE YOUR BACKS, GOSSELIN FAMILY.

Since Blake’s mom just had a party for him on Friday, we left tradition bleeding out like road kill on a highway shoulder, eschewing the standard birthday cake in favor of two halves of speciality fare: pumpkin prailine and chocolate mousse. Broaden the kid’s cake horizons, you know?  Chooch made known his desire to blow out Blake’s candles (and really, if he hadn’t, I’d have to suspect that he was some sort of alien baby from a planet where children 10-and-under aren’t entranced by dancing flames) and Blake very graciously allowed for this to happen. I was impressed; I was always resentful when my younger brothers stole my candle snuffing spotlight on my own jacked up birthday. I guess that’s what true sibling love looks like right there. Thank you, Blake and Chooch, for illustrating for me what could have been if I wasn’t so busy being cannibalized by jealousy and fury.

After we ate cake, Henry’s mom made funny faces at my artwork and Blake’s piercings simultaneously while Chooch lazily watch Max and Ruby from the quiet sanctity of his sugar coma. There were so many things I wanted to get Blake but just couldn’t afford (for example, his own piercing parlour), but he seemed to like his gifts we settled on so I guess it wasn’t too much of a bust. It was what a normal American family might consider a “good afternoon.”

  12 Responses to “An Ode to the Coolest Scene Kid”

  1. I love that picture. Aww, brothers! It’ll pay off for Chooch to have such a cool older brother. Thanks for including me in the shindig and brunch today! =)

  2. I love Jon & Kate Plus 8. His misery is what gets me through the day.

    Happy birthday, Blake!

    • I have very little in common with Kate aside from the fact that she treats her husband like a dog. But the way she sends her kids to time out and they LISTEN TO HER baffles me. If I told Chooch to go sit in the corner, he’d call me an asshole and laugh.

  3. first of all… that picture owns!!!!!!

    2ndly- i bet blake loved the varied cake offerings.
    the other kinds are BORING :)

  4. that picture is so cuuuute
    your family is awesome! and blake seems like a good kid

    and yoor girts were great.
    i hung that picture up in my room (:
    and put that picture of chooch on my mirror.
    still need a frame for the other one though haha

    but thanks, yoor the best :D!

    • I’m glad you liked it! I wish we could have done more. I blame Shane and that fucking chastity belt he has protecting his MySpace. Jesus! Lol.

      I’ll get you a frame after I get paid next week, I promise.

  6. “After we ate cake, Henry’s mom made funny faces at my artwork and Blake’s piercings simultaneously while Chooch lazily watch Max and Ruby from the quiet sanctity of his sugar coma.”

    This is cracking me up so bad!

    What did you get Blake instead of his piercing parlor?

    • I got him a vest because I thought that would be a cool twist, to wear it on top of a band t-shirt or something. And a fedora and a framed print of that black and white picture of him sitting in the chair with the giraffe mask. I wanted to also get him a bunch of art supplies but mypaycheck wasn’t having any of that!

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