Nov 302008

Having nothing better to do, we took a “family drive” down south yesterday. Henry even packed us sandwiches! All-American family we are! Can you stand it?!

Anyway, Henry and I managed to go ALL DAY with nary a conflict. We even ogled a waterfall and bonded over ridiculing some Georgian slutbag who had the great sense to wear stiletto boots for a jaunt down an icy snow-packed path. I hoped she would slip and plummet to a rocky, waterfall-y death. Alas, she did not.

Chooch slept for the part of the ride, and spent most of his awake time demanding to listen to The Cure’s “The Baby Screams.” Sensing my annoyance as I ejected the CD I was enjoying, Henry reminded me that, “Hey, it could be Disney music he wants.” So true, Henri.

The trunk of our car is becoming a treasure trove for serial killer disguises.

Then we came home and Henry buzzed those odd follicular wings right the fuck off of Chooch’s dome.

After giving Chooch a nice and even pate, Blake came over and we made fun of the lame Pittsburgh holiday parade that was broadcast on television for those of us who were too busy not giving a shit to bother watching it live from downtown. And oh, was it a good one. The singer from the Poverty Neck Hillbillies was performing, ya’ll!!! Oh, how I swooned. Then I hurried up and hit ‘record’ so Christina can see all the wonders of our townie parade for her own two eyes next time she visits. She’s not gonna believe how star-studded it was, oh no she’s not. I heard even Christina Aguilera was considering coming home for it, but opted to keep her prior plans of being suspended by her nipples over top a bubbling cauldron of Pete Wentz’s semen. I dare Cincinnati to come with something stronger. We had JOHNNY & THE ANGELS***, BEAT THAT CINCI.

***Johnny Angel & the Halos, even. They’re so awesome I couldn’t even remember their awesome name.

  11 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. That gorgeous kid finally got some hair on his head that you can notice and you two cut it?!

    He still looks cute!

  2. When I saw the first two pictures, I thought, ‘Look at that hair!’

  3. Your kid is fucking adorable. Stellar breeding, Erin. Henry is good for something!

  4. in a way, i’ll miss those hair wings…
    though they were def. getting slightly out of hand.

    i LOVE those photos.

    can’t wait to see the parade!!!

  5. the first 2 pics are entirely GAP kids ads

    I mean that as a compliment

    also, LOL @ natural mullets

  6. Holy SHIT. Again you take beautiful pictures! The first two of Riley!! How the background is all out of focus, and the blue of the sky contrasting with the pink in his cheeks? PERFECT.

  7. What gorgeous pictures! What a gorgeous boy!

    Boo on haircuts, though. Not a fan. :P

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