Sep 142013

I had to walk to the post office this morning to mail a Jeffrey Dahmer birthday card. It’s still summer but damn if it doesn’t feel like fall out there today! I got all giddy and actually meant it when I said good morning to people! Me! Actually delivering meaningful sentiments!


Oh, Brookline, you fancy for fall, huh?

Couldn’t come home without stopping at the bakery for some girly treats to force Henry to eat. They didn’t have any pretty donuts, so I bought two princess cookies and decided to drag Chooch into the torture.


He clearly didn’t care though.

Then Henry shared his with the true princess of the house, Marcy. I LOVE HER SO MUCH YOU GUYS.

Some of my friends on Facebook were shocked and awed by Henry’s legit smile in this photo, so I decided since Henry’s smiles are like the Halley’s Comet of facial expressions, we should from now on call them Henry’s Comet. No one seemed to think this was a great idea, but I’m doing it and NO ONE CAN STOP ME.


A little bit later, Chooch and I had a movie date at the small independent theater down the street. As we were leaving, Chooch said to Henry, “And you better clean the house.” It was fucking awesome.

We were too early (I’m chronically early) so we stopped at the used book shop next door and bought some Goosebumps and a Choose Your Own Adventure book because apparently I’ve failed at parenting for the last seven years and Chooch had never heard of such a thing.


Then we saw the matinee showing of “Labyrinth” even though we have it on DVD—who wouldn’t want to see that classic flick (and David Bowie’s spandexed weener) on the big screen? Chooch has seen it when he was younger, so he only vaguely remembered parts of it and seemed 100% captivated; he didn’t even mention Minecraft!


“Um, that almost made me cry,” he said angrily when it was over, and then GLARED at me because I obviously made that movie.

Man, how many girls from my generation weren’t totally entranced by this movie? The first time I saw it, I was at this girl Elisabeth’s house in elementary school, we were making shitty friendship bracelets or something, and this movie came on TV. We were like, “Whaaaaa?? Hold up!” And then completely fucked the bracelet project. I thought Jennifer Connelly was the SHIT and coveted that damn blouse she wore. I’d still wear that.

So, you know…this was just as much for me.

Chooch and I don’t really do things without Henry’s supervision so it was really fun and I was glad that Henry was too lame to want to see “Labyrinth.” It’s probably too high-brow for him, anyway.

Then we raced each other back to a house that Henry was NOT cleaning. And that has been my Saturday so far.

  4 Responses to “Saturday, So Far”

  1. We’re going to be Jareth, Sarah, and Toby for Halloween! Omg!! It’s still three months away from fall here :(

  2. My girlfriend’s niece and nephew (6 and 5, respectively) have loved Labyrinth throughout their years. It’s always interesting to me which relics from my own pop cultural upbringing are able to transcend to kids today, and which aren’t. But I guess when you’ve got Bowie and Jim Henson on your side, there’s some magic there (and yes, Bowie’s spandexed weiner).

    I can’t remember what it was paired with, but I first saw Labyrinth at the drive-in. Good times!

  3. I fucking LOVE that movie. I’m way way way jealous you got to see it in the theater.

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