Nov 082013


Last April, Henry, Chooch, and I went to Knoebels Park with the Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts group. It was such a fun weekend trip, but I never got around to editing the photos until today. So shameful, but I was in a rut you guys. Anytime I opened Photoshop, I cringed and then felt drowsy. But I’m trying to power through it. And this also serves as my reminder that I need to renew our DAFE membership. (Are you nuts about funhouses and darkrides and getting cool amusement park perks? Then you should join DAFE too!)


I rememeber this vividly because panning for gems takes a REALLY LONG TIME at Knoebels and I wasn’t feeling well. So I sat alone and ate a stale granola bar that had been in my iCarly messenger bag since the 2012 Warped Tour. :(

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I can’t remember this man’s name but he’s a fellow DAFE member and totally awesome. He reminded me of a cross between our friend Bill from Michigan and my favorite Uncle Eddie. That means nothing to you, I know.


Food was included and even though my meat-free mouth prevented me from eating 85% of it, I really enjoyed my buttered bun, cole slaw and potatoes au gratin. (I’m not being sarcastic, either. Those are three foods I like, OK? Dating Henry for 12 years has turned me into a  blue collar gourmand.)


Oh hay, Henry.


The other side of this cake pavilion said “Congratulations” which made me think of Pierce the Veil because Vic says “congratulations” in one of their songs. The scene kid in me relates every thing back to music. It’s a gift that no one gives a shit about.


Audtioning to be one of the Price Is Right broads.


This wasn’t even a full year ago and Chooch already looks so different! I can’t stand it. Change, boooooo.


Hopefully DAFE has some more events soon that we can make it to. We had to miss the last one they did over the summer at my beloved Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ. :(

(If you want to read more about our day at Knoebels, those posts can be found here and here. Excerpts were also included in the DAFE newsletter, Barrel of Laughs! God, I love belonging to a group.)

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