Dec 182007

My death row pen pal Greg, a charming gent with whom I have been exchanging delicately penned letters for the past six years, sent me a recent photo of himself today. Naturally, I hung it on my wall at work and every time my boss turns around to talk to me, she screams, “Ugh, I wish you would take that down!

It looks like he’s leering at me!

Then I sent her his website and she refuses to look at it.

Ten minutes later, she shuddered and said, “I can’t believe you sent me that.

What? What’d I do?

  18 Responses to “Greg, Smiling Down”

  1. i can’t imagine smiling that big EVER!
    especially, from death row. just saying.

    kim will never be the same…

    once you know erin- she starts sharing.

  2. May I ask why this gentleman is on death row?

    Must know!

    His happiness makes me nervous.

  3. Is he on the potty?

  4. He looks like one of the lawyers I work with. How bizarre.

  5. i think your death row friend is awesome.
    your boss is a pussy.

    you must come visit when i move to n’awlins.
    it will be super awesome amazing time.

  6. He’s so jovial!
    What did he do?

  7. OMG I love you. I never comment because I don’t have anything useful or witty to say but I totally love you.


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