Mar 082009

jessibillHung out with these freaks all weekend. I’ve known Bill there for about five years now, thanks to LiveJournal. In Internet years, that’s pretty much long enough to qualify for kidney donorship. He lives out near Chiodostown (i.e. Detroit, and I swear that’s not the only reason I like him) but we’ve never met in person until this weekend. And not to take anything away from Bill,  but recently I started talking to his girlfriend Jessi and she is just the total package of awesome, smart, pretty and fun, professionally wrapped with those curly ribbons that I always end up shredding when I try to curl them myself. Luckily, I kept my scissor blades away from her.

Chooch is absolutely obsessed with them, thanks to Bill giving him piggy back rides, Jessi allowing him to punch her boob so long as he prefaced it with “Give me my money”, and the fact that they brought him a puzzle, a Mr. Noisy book (apropos) and a Benjamin Franklin book (seriously, the kid really likes him).

However, about an hour after they left today, Chooch seemed in a zone. I assume he was having some sort of sentimental montage of the weekend, because he adoringly cooed, “Bill and Jessi…” but then he followed it up with, “Ha-ha, those assholes.”

I couldn’t have been happier with how much fun and comfortable it was with them. And we spent A LOT of time together! And not once did I feel smothered or bored or agitated, not even when Bill carelessly let a REALLY HEAVY wooden door slam into me. Not even when they dragged me into a STEELERS MEMORABILIA store. (You know I like a bitch when I suffer through a claustrophobic tomb of Sixburgh t-shirts, as I did the last time they won the SuperGayBowl and my good friend Alyson came to visit and wanted swag. Sometimes it is exhausting being such a great friend.)

(I hope you know my tongue is in my cheek right now.)

There are more stories to come featuring these guys. And then hopefully even more after that, since I begged them to move to Pittsburgh and naturally that means they’ll be quitting their jobs this week.

  33 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. I was just complaining that I had no pictures of us together and boom there you are with the greatest one I’ve ever seen, captures the dorkdom me thinks…

    Jessi´s last blog post..Bed_In_Revolt: Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

  2. Dude, I’m totally an ass because I never gave Chooch his piggyback ride on Saturday that I promised. Poor guy. Thanks again for everything Erin, the trip was incredible. We had a great time and you were so kind to put up with my Steeler crap. As an aside, that door WANTED to hit you … I think you insulted its mother on the way in. I couldn’t control it, it had a mind of its own. It was also a blast playing games and meeting everyone, except Colin, he’s a dick (Jessi’s words, please Colin don’t hit me).

  3. omg, I love your camera. p.s. Wish I had a life, it sounds fun


    or a different one?

  5. i’m so glad that you had such a great weekend. bill and jessi sound AWESOME!

    i do find it sad that there are such idiots out there that you have to put the tongue in cheek part in… but i know that you do.

    i think you are the BEST friend, erin.

  6. aw, man. i really want to come visit you. nick and alpha are going to kansas for two weeks and that would be the perfect time for me and jonah to come visit for a few days. you know, if he weren’t at the most annoying age for traveling. also, i’d feel awful about making you come pick us up from and drop us off at the train station. and, you know, letting us sleep on your couch because god knows we couldn’t afford a motel room.

    • Sarah. I am determined that we will meet. You are on the short list for sure.

      However, if you ever really did want to come here, I seriously only live like, a five minute drive from the train station. I’m literally right outside of downtown Pittsburgh. And my couch is always open to you provided you don’t mind the complete lack of privacy! (And by that, I mean Chooch meandering over in the morning and jumping all over you and sticking his feet in your face while you’re sleeping.)

      Also, I’m really hoping that this summer we will be able to take some small road trips now that Chooch is kind of not too much of an asshole-y traveler. So hopefully we will make it out your way!

    • P.S. You actually do live in the de facto Chiodostown, don’t you? Because I always just use Detroit as a generalization, which is a bad habit.

      • well, they’re from davison which is kind of a part of flint. like, people from davison say they’re from flint because that’s just how people do. but, yeah, it’s like six minutes from here.

        do you want to do some random place-stalking? heh.

  7. fo sho

    and yeah you can pick whatever you like. Unfortch, just because I want the prints to go out ASAP and because they’re a lot cheaper, you can just pick who you want it of

  8. That’s because you ARE a great friend, damnit, putting up with my tirades and all (har, har, har)! =)

    I’m glad that you got to meet them and that yinz all had an awesome time!!!

  9. I was cracking up at your Tweets all weekend!

    Bill and Jessi like THE STEELERS? And not the Lions? Oh, what beautiful friends. And you went Steelers shopping. Oh, what a beautiful time.

    “but then he followed it up with, “Ha-ha, those assholes.”

    *cracking up*

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