Mar 092009

filthyfrankThe adults on the street got all atwitter anytime he stepped out of his house.

“There he is, it’s Filthy Frank,” they’d whisper in clandestine tones, the women instinctively shielding their breasts with folded arms.

But the kids, they didn’t get it.

“Frank doesn’t look filthy to me,” the Steeple’s son said one day.

“I know! My arms and hands have layers of grit on top of streaks of dried mucous, and no one calls ME filthy,” the ripe son of the Mooneys added.

But what the neighborhood kids were too young to realize was that there are several definitions of “filthy.” And Frank was the sort of “filthy” who invented variations of the Dirty Sanchez while on a bathroom break at the Adult Bookstore and waved to their mommies in special ways when no one was looking.

  9 Responses to “Art Promo: Filthy Frank”

  1. frank may be filthy… but he’s awesome.
    though, he does look a little pervy the more i stare at him.

    if anything were to ever make me squee… it would be your stories.

  2. He keeps looking at my boobs!

  3. Love Frank’s expression. Lol. He doesn’t look like he’s got wholesome thoughts going on in there. =)

  4. Perfect marriage of art and story. The story brings the painting to life, the expression is perfect!

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