Jun 182014

I’m live blogging our drive to Indiana. Keep checking back for updates throughout the day, please and thanks.

8:41am: We’re just about to finally leave the house for our dysfunctional, poorly-planned road trip to Michigan. First though, we’re going to Indiana for an AMUSEMENT PARK because the sun rises and sets on amusement parks. I wanted to have been on the road an hour ago but Henry is an asshole.

9:03am: I hope Henry knows that I’m going to keep being a bitch until he stops and gets me FUCKING COFFEE. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

9:19am: Chooch was awake long enough to get dressed and whine about having to put shoes on.

9:27am: We have to drive through Bunker Hill, IN which is one of the places Henry lived while IN THE SERVICE OMG. I’m so excited about this. I asked him if we could stop & take pictures and then he can blog about it later and he said MAYBE!

Me: “Do you think we can buy post cards there?”

Henry: “Doubt it.”

10:09am: You guys. I just realized we have to drive through Ohio, ugh. Ohio is boring to drive through and Henry is telling me about his dream from last night and that’s boring too. Everything is boring.

10:17am: THOUGHT: What if Henry has CHILDREN in Bunker Hill?!?!?!

11:00am: Suddenly not bitching about being stuck in accident traffic now that I know two people died. :(

11:23am: Still in traffic (and Chooch finally woke up for a minute) so here’s a story for you. Janna came over Saturday night and Chooch downloaded some Guess the Emoji game on her phone. We were all stuck on this one that had a Henry-ish emoji and a book, so my guess was:

News flash, that wasn’t the answer. Chooch told me I’m immature and then did his signature “laugh so hard then puke” maneuver. Unable to figure it out, I had the bright idea to use the “ask Facebook” option, which posted the picture onto JANNA’S profile with the caption “GUYS HELP ME I’M TOO DUMBBBBB” before she had a chance to grab her phone off me. Immediately, two of her friends commented to tell her the answer was, ironically, Facebook. I guess we’re all TOO DUMBBBB.

11:46am: Just stopped at a disgusting rest area in Boring, Ohio and I discovered that there was melted chocolate in the car seat from my Kashi bar and it was all over my shorts so Henry had to clean me up while muttering, “THIS IS WHAT I EXPECT FROM CHOOCH! DO I HAVE TO PUT A SEAT COVER ON THE FRONT SEAT TOO?!” God. Just do your job and STFU.

12:40pm: Here is a convo that just happened as we drove past Columbus:

Henry: I’d like to go to the Columbus zoo someday.
Me: Why.
Henry: Because they have a nice zoo.
Me: How do you know?
Henry: Because they have a nice zoo, OK?
Me: Yeah but how do you know if you’ve never been there?
Henry: *mumbled something about Jack Hanna*

God!!! I’m not doubting him, I just want to know if some “tellyvision program” gave him these ideas or if some derelict from the gutter gave him a pamphlet one day.

12:54pm: Setting good examples for my kid:

Me: Don’t touch my fat arm.
Henry: Maybe you have that body dysmorphic thing. (He just learned about that from Catfish.)
Me: Oh I’ve always known that I have that and it’s just amplified by the fact that I actually am really fat & ugly.”

1:04pm: Here’s a “Henry Left Us in the Car While He Buys Himself Beverage” selfie/groupie.

And then some asshole walked by and stared at us so I yelled “WHY DON’T YOU TAKE A PICTURE IT’LL LAST LONGER” because I have to fulfill my Pee Wee’s Big Adventure quote quota. Meanwhile, Chooch’s retort to Staring Guy was a much more succinct “Bitch!”

1:49pm: Henry finally fed us. We had a rest area picnic. It was OK. There was fruit salad. We are wasting so much time.


2:13pm: Isles & Glaciers came on just as we passed an exit sign for Cincinnati. Thumbs up, universe. You’re cute.

2:50pm: Chooch saw a billboard for Tom Raper RVs and is fixating on the fact that obviously Tom’s parents wanted him to grow up to be a raper and Henry was like “HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS” and Chooch said “Mommy told me” and I was like “I certainly did not!” and Chooch said “Yes you did, when you made me watch the ‘He’s climbing in yo’ window’ video!” and I said “I never made you watch that!” and he said “What, do you think I just tumbled down the steps, watching it on my phone?” and then we both cracked up and I choked on a fruit snack and Henry said “Thanks, Erin.”

4:28pm: Just was struck with the crippling desire to listen to Howard Hewett’s “This Love Is Forever,” which comes with the story about the time in 10th grade when my friend Christy and I were dog-sitting for my aunt Susie on New Year’s Eve. I had recently been dumped my OMGTRULUV Justin Kail, so aside from accidentally knocking over Susie’s Christmas tree, all I remember happening that night was the house being papered with instructional Post-It notes from Susie and my then-uncle Mark and me listening to this song on repeat while crying and Christy being utterly annoyed. I just told Henry this story and he was like “Yes, I know. Pretttttttty sure I’ve heard this one” but sorry, it’s mandatory. Then I performed a full-body lip synch of the song’s crescendo which Henry really enjoys while he’s trying to drive.

Oh and about the Christmas tree. Don’t worry, Christy and I left a Post-It note that said “We knocked over your Xmas tree” before we left the next day.


5:00pm: In Kokomo now, Henry is lost. Listening to a yacht rock Spotify station to drown out my incessantly chirping kid from the backseat.

5:34pm: AHHH IT HAPPENED! We just drove through Bunker Hill! I asked Henry how it made him feel and he said, “With you with me? Angry.”

This will be its own blog post!

6:37pm: We almost walked into some diner in Logansport, IN (that’s where we’re staying tonight) but I said, “No. I have a bad feeling about this place. Lets go to that Mr. Happy Burger joint we just passed.” Henry was all bothered but BY GEORGE it was the best decision ever because Mr. Happy Burger is practically a make believe fast food restaurant created for a bad 80s comedy. I am OBSESSED.









And they had grilled cheese! And Henry didn’t smile once!

7:40pm: We’re in our hotel room in Logansport and Chooch has been reading out loud from the bible for the last fifteen minutes, pausing to offer his own personal asides, like after the part that said “and there will be no more pain,” he said, “YEAH RIGHT. OW!” Because he’s been complaining all day about a cut on his foot. He said the word “profitable” like a pro and then pronounced “testimonies” as “tes-TIM-onies.” He ended by saying, “That’s all for today. Stay tuned.” And then burst into flames.

I’ll post a video later. I unfortunately wasn’t able to capture him doing his “fabulous angel” voice, though.

8:03pm: Mr. Happy Burger has another location near our hotel that has a sundae parlor! Obviously, I’m sitting inside of it right now.


9:16pm: Back from a tour of dilapidated Logansport and Chooch lost our room key. Sweating in the stinky Quality Inn hallway while Mad Henry goes to the front desk. He is so over us.



9:26pm: Henry just paid $10 for a new room key.

Earlier, we went for a short walk in Riverview Park and I dryheaved over the stagnant river as we walked across a bridge. Then a bunch of preteens in bathing suits ran past us, screaming about going swimming. “Wait—are they swimming in THAT?” I asked Henry, pointing to the bug invested water.

“I mean, probably. This is a pretty backwoods area.”


Oh well. Thank god for Mr.Happy Burger. Or Hap’s, for those in the know.



11:04pm: OMG it’s thunderstorming so bad and Chooch and I are convinced that we’re going to die in a tornado. Henry is so exasperated and keeps yelling, “THIS IS JUST A NORMAL STORM CLOSE THE CURTAINS GO TO BED SHUT UP” and I’m like “WHAT IF THE LIGHTNING COMES THRU THE WINDOWWWW?” This is probably my last update since a giant lightning hand is going to pick me up and carry me off into the Stormlands. OMG I’m so scared.

  10 Responses to “Liveblogging to Somewhere, Indiana”

  1. Ohio really is the worst to drive through.

  2. God I love these.

  3. Sorry you find my home state boring (I guess one can only take so much of trees, trailers and podunk towns). I forgot about those Tom Raper commercials. Some of my relations were from Indiana and they drove a motor home. Have fun on your trip!

    • Nah, I didn’t mean to sound like I was shit-talking— you’ve got great cities in your home state! It’s just driving thru that is boring. But let’s face it, driving on MOST highways is boring as hell! ;)

      And thank you! We’re still driving so the real fun hasn’t started yet. Sigh.

      • oh, no it’s fine, I was not offended. There are certain states I cannot imagine driving through and since I lived here my whole life, I guess I am used to it.

  4. Driving through Utah is horrible. We have nothing exciting anywhere near the highway except one cement-factory-turned-haunted-house that is all spray painted and stuff. IN THE WHOLE STATE. Boo, Utah.

  5. I also say Kookas lol :)

  6. Your liveblog posts are some of my absolute favorites in the entire world EVER EVER EVER.

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