Jul 032014


It’s that time of year again, friends: AnthroCon a/k/a Furry Season! Honestly, it just hasn’t gotten old yet. I love that they have chosen Pittsburgh as their mecca.

I got stuck working the late shift today, which ended up being OK because Henry and Chooch wanted to come downtown after I got off work to do some furry-hunting.

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It’s kind of a tradition by now.


If you’ve ever met Chooch in real life, you probably know that he’s pretty outgoing. But you should see him around furries. He gets shy.



Verklempt, if you want to be fancy about it.


He loosened up a little bit after playing fetch with this dog.


I think the furries can sense that Chooch is one of them. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about that. It’s almost like they target him, like they can smell his inner fur.


ZOMBIE FURRY, YES! I was in love with this one.

I wish I had gotten a video of this, but someone had a dog with them who was going NUTS watching a furry high-five a little boy (I think maybe the dog belonged to the boy). It was hilarious because the dog was so confused and angry and acting all GET AWAY FROM MY HUMAN, YOU FAKE DOG-THING! I guess I never thought about how furries must seem from a dog’s perspective.

SEE?! Furry-watching is basically a brain-boosting activity.


These two were so awkward and it took them forever to position themselves for this picture. I mean, shouldn’t they be used to having their picture taken by now? They must be n00bs.


I don’t know why, but this furry reminded me of my brother Corey.

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I sent him this picture and he was like, “Um, I assume you mean the one in the green hoodie and not that lady with a tail.” I mean, obvi! I don’t know, they’re both tall and kind of stand the same way, so…easy connection.


Skunk/badger thing creeped me out a little.



This dude came over and just posed like that randomly.


It took Chooch a million minutes to work up the nerve to approach this one. After I took their picture together, they high-fived each other, and right as the…

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cheetah? WTF is that thing?…started to walk away, Chooch lunged at it and gave it a hug.

Then he ran back to me with his hands over his flushed face.

He’s so fucking ridiculous.

Then we went to Eat n Park on the way home, where I made Chooch cry by insisting that he actually came from a sewer, not from me. Another successful day of parenting.

  4 Responses to “Furry Season!”

  1. The deer one was very good, I’m glad you got a picture of that one. My camera battery died before we saw the zombie one :(:(:(

  2. OMG, it’s so cute that he gets so shy! I’ll admit, I don’t get the furry thing because the first time I heard of it was the kink aspect, which I understand now is not always the case (thanks to My Strange Addiction or one of those shows that had a furry girl). My favorite is the green demonic whatever-it-is after the first video.

  3. I wish I could be there for this! Such excellent people-watching. (Furry-watching?)

  4. “Then we went to Eat n Park on the way home, where I made Chooch cry by insisting that he actually came from a sewer, not from me. Another successful day of parenting.”

    Okay, for me that was the best part of the post.

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