Apr 202009


You know how I’m never like, “Hey everyone, pimp me out?” Because I feel extremely weird and uncomfortable about doing stuff like that? And because, well, it’s just me? Yeah, I’m going to break my rule real quick because I got a batch of magnets made for my Somnambulant gig, and I was JUST WONDERING if maybe some of you guys who read this thang would maybe like to have a few mailed to you, with some of my business cards, to maybe possibly pass out to your friends, priest, bartender, deathrow penpal? Kind of like a street team OMG?

I have enough to ration out to the first five or so people who comment here on this post, but I always have a ton of business cards so if anyone still wants to help after that, I am quite capable of hookin’ a bitch up.

I’m working on Appledale sweatbands next. (Seriously.)

  25 Responses to “somnambulant street team, holla”

  1. I’m in! Although, I already promote you like I’m fucking Don King or some shit, so if you want to give them to someone else, I will understand. :o) Nice magnets, btw… love the design!

  2. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s about time you opened up to your Toronto market, anyways


  3. me of course. i like receiving anything in the mail as long as it’s not letter bombs or anthrax.

  4. send me business cards, betch. i will pimp you always.
    as you well know.

    i’ll email you my address later.

  5. oh, erin, i need your email address so i can send you a long email about some crap. i mailed you a while back but i’m guessing it was an old address and maybe you didn’t get it.

  6. Dude, I need the magnets to go with the cards I’ve been handing out!!!!

  7. I haven’t gotten to any craft shows lately, but I’ve been wanting to. I’d be happy to pass out your biz cards when I get to shows, or leave them around coffee houses, or on bulletin boards and such.

  8. Erin, you could count on me for anything. I’d love to help you out any time. Just say the word. From now until forever, honest. :)

  9. You know I’ll pimp you out. Hell, I already have your stuff hanging in my house. I have no problem getting all up in my friends’ faces and being like, “Yo! Go buy her shit NOW!”

    BTW, my dad complimented Pignaceous when he came to pick up Delia.

  10. i will totally pimp you out!!

  11. Well! I have been in hell all day a.k.a. working a.k.a pimping MYSELF out to pay the man. And I am by Faaaaaaarrrrr not one of the first five to comment.Butt…..if you find yourself able to spare so magnets,cards etc. I will make sure to distribute them only at the places where the cool kids are.In other words, anywhere I may be.

  12. If you still have any, I’d love some.

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