Dec 282007

In the beginning, Henry and I used to go for walks together in cemeteries. We would have so much fun, too. Probably more me than him, but still. I would try to push him down hills and scare him by springing out from tombstones and I would tell him jokes and we (I) would laugh and it was just really nice to have that bonding time together. He’d teach me about moss and the flow of electricity and I would pose mind-exploding queries about fucking Siamese twins.

It was like our thing, you know? Like our habit of watching Asian horror movies before it became a cool thing to do. It was something in our relationship that I could count on. "Oh good, it’s the weekend. Time to dance on graves."

We don’t have any "things" anymore. Now, I go to cemeteries by myself. I listen to post-hardcore and screamo (and sometimes Timbaland) on my Zen and feel aggressive and then I get lost in my thoughts, which turns into contemplating doing really stupid things and puking on graves and it’s just no good. I miss having a cemetery companion.

Today I was on my way to Uniondale Cemetery and as I sat at a red light, two black guys crossed the street in front of my car. One of them looked at me, smiled real wide, and waved. I smiled back — a real, genuine smile — and thought to myself, "I bet that guy would want to have a ‘thing’ with me."

Why doesn’t Henry?

  13 Responses to “Currently Thing-less”

  1. that black dude just wants to have a thing IN you, erin.

    • at this point, i would probably give him clearance!

      ok, maybe not. i haven’t reached that level of whore yet. YET.

      Hear that, Henry? STEP UP YOUR GAME, BRO.

    srsly. henry’s a stupid mcstupidface if he doesn’t quit being all… like a guy.

  3. ruts suck.

    sometimes life just takes over and you forget to really do things together.

    on a different note….how do i make it so that if you reply to a comment, i know without just coming back to your blog and checking? am i just dumb?

  4. Your post makes me sad. If you want to talk and get some things out I’m always available. I almost never sign on to any of my instant messaging things any more, but I will answer email. I’ve been told I’m a good listener and I have a high reading comprehension.

  5. That made me so sad. I’m sorry you lost your thing.

  6. I have a thing for the giant purple hand.

  7. you and henry have a thing.

    it’s called fighting.

  8. “He’d teach me about moss and the flow of electricity and I would pose mind-exploding queries about fucking Siamese twins.”

    Moss is bad! It can cause problems! Leave it at that and end it!

    Still, that is one of my favorite posts by you ever.

    I would be your cemetery companion.

  9. yeah you definitely need to have a “thing” together…

    I thought his name was Hoover?

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