Dec 202014


Hi. It’s Saturday night. Janna is here and we’re talking about Serial (I miss it already!), Chooch is puttering around in the wheelchair, we decorated our Christmas tree that we just bought today, and now Henry is making us grilled cheese. Plus I found another beer that I can tolerate but it’s a winter shandy (Jolly Traveler) and numerous people have said “Haha stupid girl that’s not real beer” but it’s as real as this bitch gets.

Also, I’m wearing my new Emarosa hoodie that I pre-ordered (#obsessed) and I painted cat heads for fun and then Chooch claimed it.


Overall, not the worst Saturday night.

  6 Responses to “Saturday Night Snapshots”

  1. Your Saturday night sounds pretty awesome! I look forward to being able to hang out with Lulah in the evenings, instead of fighting her to sleep for an hour or two. Also, how do you manage to just decide to paint and actually do it? I somehow psyche myself out of actually doing most of my art projects. Self-defeatism? It’s still so awesome that you’re painting again. The world sucked without your art!

    • Chooch is finally at that age where he’s pretty cool to hang out with and you can actually have conversations with him (although he still has moments where he tries to hijack the night by whining and begging to play some dumb game that no one wants to play, ugh!). Lulah will get there!

      Painting is a weird thing for me. I will go years without picking up a brush because I hate it so much! But then when I’m on good terms with it, sometimes I’ll sit there and mindlessly paint while watching TV. I go through phases! (Also, it helps when I’m in a manic mood because I’m fidgety and need to be doing something with my hands other than shoving food in my mouth, ha!)

  2. I love that sweatshirt so much!

  3. I’m listening to Serial right this very second. I started it at work after reading your earlier post and haven’t stopped. I’m on episode #7. Weeeeeee!

  4. Shandy is nice and light, nothing to hate about it!

    I love your new painting with the cat heads, and am not surprised it was claimed. <3

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