Dec 272014

I hope everyone had a great Whatever December Holiday You Celebrate! My Christmas was really nice, but then it ended pretty shittily. More on that another day. Right now, let’s talk about art-stuffs!

You guys really put a lot of faith in me by ordering custom paintings for Christmas gifts, and I am honored. Now that Christmas is over, I can show you some of them!


“Meow Meow, Motherfucker” for Janna. Chooch was PISSED that this wasn’t for him!


“You Won’t Find a Better Butter” for Corey, an homage to our Amish Day Trip in November. Here’s a video of Corey unwrapping it:



Remember when I was interviewed last year for an article on bloggers in the Pittsburgh Trib? Rachel, the journalist who write that story, commissioned a painting of wrestler portraits for her husband, who is (clearly) a huge wrestling fan. I got this one done with barely any time to spare. The best part about it was meeting up with Rachel last weekend for the Shady Art Deal because I had never met her in person before. She is so sweet and even brought me a jar of fudge (which Henry and Chooch devoured in the same day, ugh).



I think I may have posted this one already, but Wendy asked me to make a Phish portrait for her stepdaughter, who sent me a Facebook message on Christmas to tell me how much she loved it — that’s my favorite part!

Among other odds and ends, I also did a slew of those monster name paintings, a Jesus Take the Wheel-inspired painting for Chris and Monica to give Chris’s sister (I had a picture on my phone but I must have deleted it, ugh!), and a Lou Barlow portrait for Terri, which I stupidly failed to get photographic evidence of.

I’m happy that the Christmas rush is over because that means I’m free to accept requests again! Hit me up, homies! Either on here, or contact me through Etsy: Somnambulant Art.

“Jesus Take the Wheel” (where Jesus is actually Chris’s brother):


And edit again to add a picture of Terri with Lou Barlow yay!


  4 Responses to “Somnambulant Christmas Art!”

  1. You are quite amazing. I love everything you do.

  2. I totally dig that wrestling piece.

  3. OMG the wrestlers! So awesome! I am so happy that people are digging your stuff and custom ordering things for their loved ones. These pieces really are worth hanging and showing off. Just think of how inundated you will be with orders when you are a famous writer for AP. And we can all be like, we have first edition prints, so HA HA.

    Really. These rule.

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