Feb 172015


Preshow: We left early so we could stop and eat and drink before the show. It was early enough that when we got to Rivertown restaurant it was still happy hour, only I happened to be in the bathroom when the waitress explained the specials to Erin, and when I got back of course she didn’t listen to them or she did and chose not to tell me, then she made us leave early, because ” show starts at 6″ she said, only the doors opened at 6. So I lost a half an hour of cheap drafts, damn her already! So all I got was 2 wheat beers and a pizza, no time to try anything else.


Standing in line: Got to stand in line for the next hour behind the most annoying “rocker mom”, who at the old age of 39 had done everything possible when it comes to concerts, at least thats what she was telling the little 16 year olds that were around her, fawning over her every word. Thanks again Erin.

PVRIS: Needs work on singing live.Good on their CD.

[Ed. Note: Strongly disagree with this assessment. Lynn had me at hello. Or whatever her first word was. But apparently Henry the Voice Coach knows all.]

Mallory Knox: Didn’t really do anything for me. Was too busy wishing I could sit up in the balcony with the other parents, Erin said I could if I wanted to, that really means do it and Ill never let you live it down, ever. So I grabbed another beer and stuck it out.

Sleeping with Sirens: Kellin Quinn still cant sing live, they just play the music louder to drown him out.Opening of the show was cool. I believe it was after this set that Erin had a can that she wanted to throw away in the garbage can that was over the railing right in front of her, maybe a foot way. She waited for the guy that was in front of it to move, shot and missed, making the girl on the steps to walk down and pick it up, shooting Erin the evil eye the whole time, way to go.

[Ed.Note: Untrue. That girl was looking at me with utter veneration and reverence, because she recognized that I am a PTV Elder-Fan. We are a rare breed, few and far between, practically Scene Unicorns. Kids stutter in our presence.]

Pierce the Veil: Seen them many times good as always!

Favorite PTV song: Not sure , Don’t know the names of any of them. Since the names have nothing to do with the songs, I’m too old to memorize that shit.



  5 Responses to “Henry’s Titillating Pierce the Veil Review”

  1. This was thrilling. Almost like I was actually there!

    • I read his first draft (if you even want to call it that) and I said, “Why don’t you go back and add some details. Like, what kind of beer you had at Rivertown?”

      So he puts “wheat beer.” Sigh. I guess he’s trying.

  2. WTF, no 16-year-olds fawn over me! Do I need to start bragging about that one time the singer of Queensryche held my hand during my favorite song?

    Jesus, that’s it? They were GOOD? Didn’t anything happen? Did any people make out around you? Did people scream? Did Erin cry? Did you see any other Older Persons your age looking disgruntled? Is that confetti in that photo? What was the loo like?


    • I wouldn’t exactly say they were fawning over that broad, lol. They seem moderately interested at first, but after an hour of listening to her brag and constantly talk over top of them, they were over her. I just hate that whole “I’ve been around longer so I listen to better music” mentality. Because anything past 1995 is not good? And the way she assumed that these kids wouldn’t know Black Sabbath was pretty annoying.

      And what is she doing now? Chaperoning her daughter to shows because she’s “too old” to go see her own bands play. Can you imagine being that way!? Ugh, I was going to rant about this in my own PTV post, but then I was like, “Fuck it. No one cares.” Lol.

  3. Haha I need to read more of these!

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